Meet the Team

The Manager/Team Leader

Tina McMillan welcomes you to the LVRT site and hopes that you find it both informative and interesting but more importantly that you find the information you require, if not please refer to the contact us page where you will find the information to enable you to get in contact with us.

Tina has managed the LVRT partnership since 2008 building the organisation from two minibuses to todays fleet of eight modern fully accessible minibuses. Tina places great store in her background of haulage where she honed her transport skills gaining a Certificate of Professional Confidence (CPC) in Road Haulage before moving to North Belfast Community Transport  where she took up the post of Assistant Manager in 2005 ~ 2008. Tina’s move to Lagan Valley Rural Transport as Manager was welcomed by the board and customers alike, Tina has nurtured and built up the Partnership with energetic innovative projects and trials finding out what best suits the Rural Community she and her team are here to serve. Notable achievements by the Partnership under Tina’s leadership are: accreditation in Investors in People (2009), Investors in Volunteers (2011) and most recently, recognition from RNIB Northern Ireland when presented with their Model of Excellence award (2011). On a more personal note and showing her allegiance is now fully with the passenger side of transportation Tina recently qualified for another Certificate of Professional Confidence (CPC) this time for Passenger Transport.

The Admin Team

As with any service provider, up to date timely information is paramount to the smooth professional delivery of the service, in Lagan Valley Rural Transport’s case it’s essential for the vehicle to collect our customer’s at the scheduled time and at the correct location. Our helpful professional Admin Team, Christa (Assistant Manager) and Lacey (Clerical Dispatch Officer) are continually looking for ways to improve the service, striving to meet the customers needs at the point of delivery. We would like to put our success down to effective communications through analysis of the feedback given by our customer’s, we aim to continue providing and perfecting our services to the Lagan Valley rural community for as long as the need is out there.

The Minibus Drivers

Our professionally trained and qualified (MIDAS) drivers are not just there to drive you from point A to B, they are there to make sure your journey is a safe, stress free experience that you will both enjoy and appreciate. Our drivers are trained to deal with customers from all sections of the community from the Kids Clubs going on a day trip to the seaside to our Elderly customers heading out for high tea who are not as nimble on their feet as they once were, some are now users of rolators or indeed wheelchairs. Our drivers enjoy what they do which is obvious to see as they carry out their duties, they have proven to possess the necessary attributes to carry the name of Lagan Valley Rural Transport out into the community we serve.

The Volunteer Car Drivers

It’s all in the name, our “volunteer drivers” give up their free time to help others not only are they considerate, caring and compassionate they are proficient, professional and (well we think so) perfect! In addition to the (MIDAS) training our drivers all receive awareness training in all aspects of the caring skills required to assist our passengers such as: the visually impaired, our rolator users with reduced mobility and those with hearing difficulties. Our drivers get out of their vehicles to collect from the door, by doing this they make sure that anyone requiring assistance receives it without delay; the drop-off is in reverse the drivers make sure that their passengers are safely transported to where they wish to go. As a community we are more and more dependant on our volunteer sector for the services we used to take for granted, click here if you would like to know more about the benefits of volunteering . Rest assured Lagan Valley Rural Transport does not take for granted their volunteer drivers we appreciate their selfless efforts on behalf of our Members.