Volunteering Benefits

Volunteering Benefits

Volunteering for “Dial a Lift service”

Lagan Valley Community Transport’s “Dial a Lift service” is delivered by volunteers committing their spare time and dormant unused skills to the “Volunteer Car Scheme” we welcome drivers from all walks of life from within the local community. Volunteering in general not only helps to support the local community but also gives so much to the volunteer:

  • Satisfaction knowing you are making a difference within your Community.
  • A chance to develop new skills and introduce challenges into your life.
  • A chance to exercise your body and mind doing a worthwhile job.
  • Find out what’s going on in your own community through conversation.
  • Feel that you are contributing to your community and enjoying it.
  • Improve your self-esteem by giving your spare time a purpose.
  • Enjoy the benefits of being part of a team with shared goals.

Being a volunteer allows you to give some of your time to help in your own community, by giving as little or as much of your time as you can makes a huge difference to the local delivery of community transport solutions. Our volunteers provide support and help for isolated vulnerable individuals who would otherwise be housebound; it’s rewarding knowing that at the close of your working day you have made a difference to at least one person within your community.

Why not give volunteering a go?

Try it out to see if you like it. You will be amazed how much your time and help will make a difference in your community. Opportunities to volunteer your services would occur during the “Dial a Lift” operating hours: Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM, you decide how much or how little time you can give from your personal schedule and the team will work with you.

* It should be noted that using your own car to provide the service will not leave you out of pocket, a mileage allowance is paid for the journeys you make during your time on duty for LVRT.